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When looking for a job, you want to appear as professional as possible. Exhibiting the image a hiring manager is looking for brings you closer to securing an interview. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to avoid displaying habits that scream unprofessionalism.


  • Not Proofreading Your Resume or Cover Letter

Because hiring managers are looking for thoroughness and accuracy in your work, submitting a cover letter or resume with spelling or grammatical errors will likely eliminate you from the competition. For example, omitting one or two zeroes on a financial statement could have disastrous effects for a company. Therefore, it’s important you print your cover letter and resume and proofread them at least three times. Read your cover letter and resume out loud and backwards to detect errors.


  • Using an Unprofessional Email Address

Having a fun, memorable email address may impress your friends, but it won’t impress a hiring manager. Because your email address may be the first impression a manager has of you, ensure your address is professional. When it shows up in a manager’s inbox, you want to portray a professional image so the manager reads your resume and considers you for a position.


  • Having an Unprofessional Voicemail Message

Having an unprofessional message or nonfunctional voicemail box gives the impression you’re lazy or don’t understand how technology works. The manager most likely won’t leave you a message or text you. The same applies if your voicemail is the robotic voice that comes with your phone. The manager wants to hear a short, friendly, personal greeting in your own voice. Record your message in a quiet place, and include your full name so the manager knows they called the right number.


  • Not Thoroughly Preparing for Interviews

Although you may be able to think on your feet, giving vague answers during an interview because you weren’t prepared won’t impress a hiring manager. The manager will think you’re lazy and don’t care whether you get the position. Before an interview, ensure you research the company website so you understand what they do, who their three biggest competitors are, and why you want to work for the organization. Also, thoroughly read the job description so you can give reasons why you’re the perfect candidate for the position.


  • Not Sending Thank-You Notes After Interviews

Send a thank-you note to acknowledge the time each interviewer spent talking with you and learning what you have to offer. Mention some topics you discussed during the interview and how you look forward to hearing from the interviewer soon.


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