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With the job market being so competitive, candidates do whatever they can to show they’re best suited for a position. This may include embellishing information on resumes or hoping companies don’t uncover certain aspects about candidates’ personal lives. Therefore, as an employer, it’s important you perform due diligence when recruiting employees. Here are some reasons background screenings on candidates are so important.

  • Verify Resume Information

Due to increasing competition, a candidate may believe that embellishing their education, skills and experience will help them secure an interview. You don’t want to hire someone who was dishonest with you from the start. They’ll most likely be dishonest with co-workers and customers and have a detrimental effect on your business. Therefore, it’s important you contact relevant schools and employers listed on a resume to ensure the candidate was a student or employee and ask questions about their overall performance. Determine whether the candidate completed their stated degree or certification, held their listed job titles and reached their stated accomplishments.

  • Evaluate Personal Background

A background screening can highlight factors that may adversely impact your company. A criminal background check shows whether a candidate has prior criminal convictions that may make them unreliable, untrustworthy and unsuitable for hiring. However, if the charges are minor, out of date or irrelevant to the position, you may decide to consider hiring the candidate. Checking a candidate’s driving record may raise red flags. Depending on the role being applied for, numerous traffic violations or license suspensions may be of concern. In addition, pulling a candidate’s credit report may deter you from hiring them. If the candidate wants a finance position, and their report lists multiple missed payments and a large debt load, the candidate may mismanage your company’s funds as well.

  • Improve Hiring Results

Because the candidate meets all the job requirements and has a clean background, they should become an asset to your company. You should be able to trust the candidate because they’ve proven themselves to be honest. In addition, employee theft won’t be an issue if the candidate has no prior criminal convictions. Furthermore, you’re creating a safe workplace by hiring candidates who have clean background checks. You gain peace of mind knowing you can efficiently run your business.

  • Avoid Liability

If you fail to pull the driving record of a truck driver you hired, the driver causes an accident on the freeway while working and you find out the driver has two DUIs on their record, you can be held liable for the accident.

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