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Conducting a behavioral interview uncovers the truth about a candidate’s character. How a candidate dealt with past circumstances is a strong indication of how a candidate may deal with future occurrences. Therefore, behavioral interviewing is a highly effective method for finding the right employee for a position.

  • Uncover Genuine Answers

Behavioral interviewing requires a candidate to answer questions with examples from personal experiences rather than general or hypothetical answers. Typical behavior-based questions ask a candidate to “Describe a time when…” or “Give an example of…”. Answers require a specific situation, action and result (SAR). Also, how a candidate responds to a question is an indication of how honest and confident the candidate is.

  • Effectively Screen Candidates

Utilizing behavior-based questions helps effectively screen candidates for company culture and position fit. For example, you can determine whether a candidate’s core values and beliefs match those of the company. Also, having a candidate give concrete examples of their work experiences helps identify whether the candidate’s characteristics and motivations match those required for the position.

  • Prepare in Advance

Be proactive in preparing for a behavioral interview. First, determine the necessary outputs and performance success factors for the position. Next, identify the key personal characteristics and behavior traits necessary to succeed. Include them in your job posting. Then, create a list of traditional and behavioral questions to ask a candidate during an interview. Keep those questions in mind while reviewing cover letters and resumes to determine which candidates will be offered phone interviews. After screening selected candidates over the phone, set up behavioral interviews with the most qualified candidates. Based on the candidates’ cover letters, resumes and interview answers, you’ll be able to carefully compare and select the best candidate for the position.

  • Ask Behavior-Based Questions

You may ask any number of behavior-based interview questions. For example, “What are your four most important work-related values? Provide an example of how you demonstrated each value at work.” Also, “Tell me about a time when you used networking to secure a new customer.” In addition, “How have you approached situations involving change in your department?” Furthermore, “Tell me about a work situation where your integrity was tested and prevailed.”

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