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Building a strong relationship with your employees has many benefits. Not only will your employees trust and respect you, they’ll also improve their performance and help your company move forward. Here are seven tips for building a better relationship with your employees.

  • Make Yourself Visible

Rather than emailing or instant messaging your employees, talk with them in person when you can. Making yourself available shows you’re like everyone else and you care about helping others succeed.

  • Openly Communicate

Share with your team information about your company’s performance, what projects are being started, how each employee’s role fits with the rest of the organization and other important news. Provide feedback on what areas employees excel in, what areas need work and steps they can take to improve their performance. When your employees know you welcome their ideas, concerns and issues, they’ll be more open to respecting, trusting and talking with you.

  • Get to Know Your Employees

Find out about their family, friends and personal interests. Offer support when things aren’t going well in your employees’ personal lives. Have lunch with your employees so you can discuss weekend plans and let them get to know you as well.

  • Express Gratitude

Say “please” and “thank you” when talking with your employees. Be empathetic when helping to resolve personal or professional issues. In addition, praise employees for their achievements.

  • Follow Through

Approve the expense report for the professional development seminar you said your employee could attend. You’ll gain credibility when you demonstrate dependability.

  • Set Reasonable Goals

Although you need your employees to innovate and move beyond their comfort zone, you also want to see them succeed and remain with your organization. Reaching new levels for the company will empower your employees to accomplish even more in the future.

  • Include Employees in Strategic Planning

Whenever possible, involve your employees in strategic planning. When they work with you on creating policy, setting company goals and selecting the tools necessary to succeed, your employees feel important and know you value their contributions.


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