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Searching for a job can be frustrating. If you’re applying for positions with multiple companies and not hearing anything back, your resume may need work. Because it’s your first introduction to an employer, you need to ensure your resume clearly shows why you’re the most qualified candidate for the position. Here are five potential reasons your resume is being ignored.

  • Not Tailored to the Position

If you send out a generic resume to multiple employers, they’ll think you don’t have a narrow enough career focus and won’t take you seriously. However, if you read the job description and point out specific skills and experience necessary for the role, an employer will be better able to visualize hiring you for the role and may call you in for an interview.

  • Too Much Information

Because employers spend less than 30 seconds glancing at your resume, they may ignore it if it contains too much information. Therefore, make sure the information you provide relates to the job description and fits on one or two pages. Use bullet points and white space to break up sections of text so your information is easily scannable. If the job posting requires samples of your work, references, salary requirements or other details, ensure you include them.

  • Missing Statistics

Your resume may be heavily focused on your previous job duties and not provide enough evidence you can perform the work required for the position. Therefore, ensure your resume states specific data along with examples of how you helped previous employers make or save money, free up time and/or reduce costs.

  • Contains Errors

Employers want candidates who pay attention to detail and review their work before submitting it. So, read your resume both out loud and backward word by word. Ask people you trust to read your resume as well. Someone may notice errors that were undetected when reading it forward.

  • Nonexistent or Unprofessional Online Presence

Employers want to know all they can before deciding whether to call you in for an interview. Therefore, at the very least, ensure you have a complete, updated LinkedIn profile with a professional picture, and remain active in posting and sharing content and participating in groups. Ensure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking accounts are updated, professional and actively posted on. Take down any posts or pictures that include consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, scantily clad individuals, anything racist and other controversial topics. Do the same for your website and blog.


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