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As a professional, you need to be active on LinkedIn. In today’s electronic age, industry professionals, hiring managers and recruiters want to connect with and learn all they can about you to see how they may benefit from having you in their network. Here are five reasons why you need a presence on LinkedIn.

  • Be Found on Google

Because LinkedIn has much authority on Google, utilizing the website helps you rank higher on Google’s search engine results page. Therefore, if an individual Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile will likely show up near the top of the page. As a result, hiring managers and recruiters can easily find you, learn about your background and potentially connect with you about current or future job openings.

  • Connect with Professionals

Being active on LinkedIn helps you connect with other professionals. You can find others you know and individuals who share your career goals and interests and start up a conversation. You can also connect with and follow thought leaders in your field to gain more insight into your industry. In addition, you can find the most current information on members of your network as they change positions or companies. You can join LinkedIn Groups and ask questions, share knowledge and learn about industry trends.

  • Stay Current in Your Industry

Because LinkedIn is a social networking site, you can gain updated information related to your industry. You can follow thought leaders and other professionals to see what knowledge, information and insight they’re sharing. You can also provide your own thoughts about current topics. In addition, you can be notified of upcoming events you may want to participate in to further your professional development.

  • Position Yourself as an Expert

Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated helps position yourself as an expert. You can list your skills, experience, accomplishments and other information to show employers why they should hire you. You can also publish articles on LinkedIn’s Publishing platform to show you’re a thought leader in your industry. In addition, you can participate in LinkedIn Groups to make comments about what other professionals in your field are saying and join in the conversation.

  • Find Your Next Job

Staying active on LinkedIn can help you find your next job. The website can recommend positions that match the details in your profile and show job postings that are relevant to your skills and experience. You also can visit company websites, track job openings, see whether employees are moving to new positions and more.


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