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When hiring employees to work in your warehouse, you want to put together the most effective team possible. Having the right team in place means that members work more efficiently and collaboratively, helping to lower your business costs. Here are five areas to focus on when hiring a successful warehouse team:

  • Recruiting

The first step to creating a warehouse team is recruiting top employees. Ensure you consider the culture of your warehouse and the desired qualities of team members. For example, you want candidates who can manage inventory, maintain equipment and ensure safe use of warehouse machinery and products. You also want candidates who can operate a forklift and properly handle hazardous materials. In addition, if you’re looking for a manager, you want a candidate who can efficiently hire, schedule, coach and monitor their staff.

  • Training

Ensure your warehouse employees are properly trained. Effective orientation and training helps new employees feel comfortable in their work environment and on the job. Employees improve their productivity and remain loyal to your company longer when they’re continually learning. Ongoing training can adapt with your company’s needs and industry developments so your employees enhance their skills and your business remains competitive.

  • Creating Team Projects

Develop cohesiveness among your warehouse employees by creating team projects. For example, loading, unloading, moving and organizing inventory can encourage teammates to get to know each other while working toward a common goal. Your employees will learn each other’s work styles, build their communication skills and feel a stronger commitment to your company.

  • Measuring Performance

To determine whether your warehouse team is successful, you have to measure their performance. When your team understands their objectives and performance standards, members know what they need to do to be successful. Also, you’ll be able to identify what drives warehouse performance, causes bottlenecks and results in failure. You can use the information to find alternatives that increase production.

  • Rewarding Performance

Ensure you reward your team with monetary incentives or rewards for desired performance. For example, you may offer bonuses for teams achieving efficiency in receiving and shipping processes or avoiding shipment mistakes. You may also reward teams for meeting work safety standards. Your employees will be more inclined to work together and hold each other accountable for reaching team goals.


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