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Because your employees spend the majority of each week at work, the office can become a major source of stress. Feeling stressed contributes to poor job performance, increased absences, higher healthcare costs and more. Therefore, you want to do what you can to help lower your employees’ stress levels. Here are five tips for reducing stress in the workplace.

  • Create a Positive Work Environment

Your employees will feel calmer, more organized and supported. Encourage co-workers to get to know each other when on break together. Ensure managers handle issues as they arise and provide support for team members when needed. Compliment employees for specific contributions to completing a project. Provide constructive feedback to improve work performance and advancement within the organization. Organize team-building activities outside of the office to increase employee trust and strengthen relationships.

  • Set Clear Goals

Each employee needs to know what’s expected of them so they understand what to focus on and why. Having clear expectations helps employees understand how they contribute to the success of your company. Let your employees participate in goal setting so they feel more invested and have a stronger buy-in with the process.

  • Provide Additional Perks

Allow remote work one day a week if possible. Let employees set their own schedule. Encourage productivity by providing a profit-sharing plan. Offer the opportunity to earn bonuses based on individual and team achievements.

  • Encourage Physical Activity

Encourage employees at all levels to engage in physical activity throughout the day. They’ll have more energy, feel more focused and avoid burnout. Employees may take stretching breaks every hour, go for a walk in- or outside the building during lunch, or take yoga classes. Employees may also join a gym, focus on other interests outside of the office or annually use all their vacation time to relax.

  • Lead by Example

Because employees tend to model the behavior of those higher up in the company, managers and executives need to set the standard for having a work/life balance. They need to be seen stretching throughout the day, eating healthy meals and snacks, and taking walks during lunch. They also need to participate in physical activity outside of the office, leave work behind at the end of the day and take vacations to use up their PTO.


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