Consulting Services

Economics of Ethics

This demonstrates financial benefits realized by socially responsible (ethical) firms.

  • Values Aligned Decisions
    • Signature program for both the management and employee level.  Providing direction and motivation to construct and implement a plan for happiness and fulfillment.
  • Social Responsibility
    • Implementation plans for companies to embrace SR, to promote fair and equitable treatment of all stakeholders.
  • Leadership Skills
    • Lead discussions and present materials about Leadership Skills and how to implement them in every day life.

Inspiring Employment Engagement

Addresses the issue that Gallup has reported only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs and the financial and human cost to the employer.

  • Values Aligned Goal Setting
    • For those feeling unfulfilled, over-worked, frustrated, overwhelmed or having suffered a loss that are seeking a path to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Team Cohesiveness
    • Combining research and recognized teaching about effective team building techniques and exercises.
  • Capturing Millenials’ Potential
    • Lead research based discussions with management teams on challenges and methods for managing Millenials and to capture their potential.
  • Open Organizations
    • Demonstrated methods to “open” the organization’s culture encouraging feedback, participation and innovation from top to bottom.
  • Stress Management
    • Based on Value Based Goal Setting elaborating methods to overcome stress and anxiety while focusing on physical & mental health.

Integration of Recruiting, Selection, & Training

Addresses the issues of the recruiting process, the process of selection and best methods of training quality employees.

  • Developmental Learning
    • Teach management & employees the benefits of ongoing learning and development.  Includes instruction and implementation of Deliberately Developmental Organizations.
  • Effective Communications
    • Presenting research focused on individual Communication and Leadership Skills, demonstrating different communication styles, non-verbal communications, and developing a presence.
  • Mentoring Programs
    • Taught to managers, mentors and mentees featuring benefits of mentoring and specific implementation of a program.

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