"Craig started working with us about six months ago.  In that short time frame, he has become an important partner in our recruiting efforts successfully filling several positions within our organization, including 3 Director level positions (2 Director of Operations and I Director of IT)."

"Craig is different from other recruiters I have worked with in the past because he takes the time to ask the right questions so he truly understands the requirements of the job he is working to fill.  Instead of submitting a high number of resumes for us to filter thorough, his efforts result in fewer resumes for consideration, but they are always highly qualified."

"OSG took the time to prepare me for the interview dealing with such mundane topics as: how to dress, how to present one self, what the interviewer was looking for and guided me in my research on the interviewing company. In my experience this was one of the most thorough preparations that I have encountered."

"We receive a constant flow of high-quality professionals that match our specifications extremely well. They have even gone out of their way on 6 separate occasions for us by picking up 6 of the candidates from the airport and bringing them to our corporate headquarters for their interviews.  On each of those occasions, the candidates were hired.  It’s that kind of personalized service that really sets OSG apart from other recruiters we have dealt with in the past.  Because of the relationship they foster with their candidates, the closing process is seamless.  They go out of their way to really get to know and understand each of their candidates."

"He has been extremely professional, articulate, timely in his submissions, and has provided us with high quality, well qualified candidates."

"I look forward to working closely with OSG in the future on other positions within our organization. I would recommend that any company work with OSG to fill any open position they may have."

"We are very impressed with her efforts and professionalism.  We will continue to utilize her search capabilities as requests for staffing are presented to us."

"Working with OSG Global was critical to my job search.  They provided the important bridge to the executive level positions that I was looking for.  Along the way Merritt and Anita went to great lengths to prepare me, both before and after the job offer.  I felt they had a real interest in me and not just in placing me as quickly as possible."

"Working with OSG was a terrific experience. Merritt is highly professional, intelligent, and warm. She was knowledgeable about the hospital and its working environment. Merritt always listened carefully and responded quickly and thoughtfully to any questions I had. I had a very positive experience."

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