Phone Interviews Done Right!

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As a recruiter, you need to prepare for a phone interview in much the same way as a candidate would. Because your interview may be a candidate’s initial introduction to a position or company, you want to make a positive first impression. Here are some tips on how to conduct a phone interview the right… Read more »

How to Write a Stand-Out Accounting Resume

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When creating your accounting resume, you need to focus on the areas your potential employer cares about the most. Highlighting your skills and experience demonstrates the valuable contributions you may provide for your next employer. Follow these guidelines for writing a stand-out accounting resume. Contact Information Ensure your contact information stands out so hiring managers… Read more »

The 5 Top Skills Every Sales Rep Should Have

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As a sales rep, you need a variety of skills to be successful. If you don’t continue cultivating those skills, you won’t be as fulfilled with your career development. Here are five top skills you should possess to excel as a top sales rep: Product Knowledge Ensure you have complete knowledge of your product. This… Read more »

Find the Right Employee with Behavioral Interviewing

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Conducting a behavioral interview uncovers the truth about a candidate’s character. How a candidate dealt with past circumstances is a strong indication of how a candidate may deal with future occurrences. Therefore, behavioral interviewing is a highly effective method for finding the right employee for a position. Uncover Genuine Answers Behavioral interviewing requires a candidate… Read more »

6 Ways to Become a Better Employee

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Improving your work performance is one key to career growth. When you continually increase your efficiency and effectiveness, you become an even greater asset to the organization. As a result, you grow in leadership and continue moving up in the company. Here are some actions you can take to become a better employee.   Create… Read more »