The Top Accounting Trends for 2018 You Need to Know

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Accounting trends are continually evolving. You need to stay current on changes in the industry to continue learning and staying competitive. Here are four of the top accounting trends for 2018 you need to know. Evolution of Technology   The cloud stores an unlimited amount of financial data that can be shared with staff and… Read more »

How to Make Quality Connections at a Networking Event

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When you attend a networking event, you want to ensure it benefits your career. You may meet an individual who leads you to your next opportunity. Follow these tips to make quality connections at a networking event. Set a Realistic Goal Before attending the event, decide as to what you want to achieve and how… Read more »

Follow These 8 Tips to Manage Challenging Employees

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As a manager, there will be times when you have to deal with difficult employees. Rather than ignoring the problem, face it head-on to maintain an effective work environment. Follow these tips to manage challenging employees. Evaluate Employee Behavior Observe the employee in various settings to determine which behaviors bring discord into situations. Watch how… Read more »

5 Tips for Reducing Stress in the Workplace

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Because your employees spend the majority of each week at work, the office can become a major source of stress. Feeling stressed contributes to poor job performance, increased absences, higher healthcare costs and more. Therefore, you want to do what you can to help lower your employees’ stress levels. Here are five tips for reducing… Read more »

Important Questions You Should Be Asking at the End of an Interview

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Because a job interview is a two-way street, you need to ask the interviewer at least two questions during your discussion. Just as the interviewer wants to learn more about you, you need to learn more about the company. Here are 10 examples of important questions you should be asking at the end of an… Read more »

Five Reasons Why You Need a Presence on LinkedIn

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As a professional, you need to be active on LinkedIn. In today’s electronic age, industry professionals, hiring managers and recruiters want to connect with and learn all they can about you to see how they may benefit from having you in their network. Here are five reasons why you need a presence on LinkedIn. Be… Read more »

Five Reasons Why Your Resume Is Being Ignored

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Searching for a job can be frustrating. If you’re applying for positions with multiple companies and not hearing anything back, your resume may need work. Because it’s your first introduction to an employer, you need to ensure your resume clearly shows why you’re the most qualified candidate for the position. Here are five potential reasons… Read more »

Seven Tips for Building a Better Relationship With Your Employees

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Building a strong relationship with your employees has many benefits. Not only will your employees trust and respect you, they’ll also improve their performance and help your company move forward. Here are seven tips for building a better relationship with your employees. Make Yourself Visible Rather than emailing or instant messaging your employees, talk with… Read more »

Signs It’s Time to Change Careers

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Like most employees, you probably won’t have the same employer throughout your career. Even if you move to a new company multiple times based on your professional goals, you may reach a point where you feel the need to completely change direction. Here are six signs it’s time to change careers. Not Fitting With the… Read more »

Inspiring Employee Engagement

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As much as anything, I believe companies can significantly impact their bottom line through their commitment to social responsibility and how they manage their culture. This enhances the ability to capture the potential of their employees by directing efforts and resources to focus on better employee engagement. An engaged employee is one who is fully… Read more »